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Jexenon Xenon

Jexenon Xenon is a top model, entertainer, singer, dancer and songwriter from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Jexenon Xenon was born in Kinshasa, DRC on February the 12, 1992. After she had graduated from High School in her natal home, Jexenon moved to the United States in 2012 to pursuit her studies. She attended Hesston College where she is more recognized for her strong energy. She always put forth promoting her Congolese and African culture. Jexenon used any opportunities such as conferences, speeches, music, dress, food, culture fair and many more social interactions to show the beauty and richness of her culture. She is the generator of the “African Night” at Hesston College to promote and share the African culture with other students, faculty and stuff.
Jexenon graduated from Hesston College in Hesston, Kansas in May 2015 with an associate degree in nursing and since then, she has been attending the Seattle Central community College in Seattle to get her Bachelor degree in Nursing. Most of Jexenon’s friends think she will fit well in theater, film or anything else related to media because of her potentials for acting, dancing, singing, songwriting, entertaining and modeling. However, Jexenon Xenon also believes that nursing fits her well also because of her passion and carrying for people.  For that matter while pursuing her education in nursing, she decided to have a part-time job as a care manager.
RDC (Republic Democratic of Congo) is her natal country, and it is located in the center of Africa. It is the second largest country in Africa. In the Eastern part of Congo (Goma) has been plunged in war for about twenty years. In this “World’s worst war,” as called by the New York time and claimed the “deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II. Women and children are victims, and are treated as instruments. A lot of Women and girls are being raped and because of this matter, the Goma today is now being called the “world capital of rape”. When she realized that so many people are ignorant of this situation, Jexenon Xenon became more concerned about denouncing what has been happening in her Country. She has been trying to become the voice of those women and children who are voiceless, raped and victimized by the current situation in the Congo.  In a country where democracy is not promoted, it takes strength and determination to speak up for the victims. Despite, how dangerous it is, Jexenon Xenon wants to make a difference and she believes that nothing can stop a determined woman, especially to save other women and children.