Month: July 2016

Somalia || Rukiya Elmi



Rukiya Elmi

My name is Rukiya Elmi. I love fashion, color, style, photography and yoga and hoping in 6 months I will be yoga instructor. i am 25 years old and i am in nationality from Somalia but grow up in the refugees Dadaab camp dhagahley. I have been in the United States almost 10 years. i have worked with rainier beach, jefferson, Ethiopian and Somalian communities and decided to stay and work in Somali community services of Seattle for the position of youth coordinator. I have worked with a lot of family cases, elders , children, and mostly youth . for the intention of creating some purpose in their life instead of the youth going somewhere else after school we always in encourage them to come to the community. I mostly teach all the Somali cultural dance and perform all the community around for the name of Somali youth dancers. However, we have many different teachers with us such as west Africa, latino and all of us as one we perform as teams. and i am currently finishing up my college degree in Seattle Central College with the major of child psychology. I have always been babysitting children and i have my own daycare right now. curious about their future and wonder what will happen if we can prevent any obstacle that prevents to have better future. In the camp i remember as a young girl I would look at the night sky and wonder if I would ever get my dreams of reading books will come true but never had the chance because there were no libraries for the children and even primary school so it is my dream to open a library in dhagahaley and later all camps. a library that is big enough for children, youth, adult and elders. a library filled with textbooks of all level of education, novels of all writers and women empowerment. books such as strong self-made people dreams accomplished. books about kids who grow up in the refugee who never had the chance to sit on a new desk in school, eat full lunch a day, kids who sleep hungry at night because they can,t afford dinner, kids who sleep in one room with a family of 15 members, kids who walk miles to get there own water at the age of 5 years old and still have big smile on their face. still accomplished their dream and helped the ones they left behind. books just like that everywhere in the library. I know it is challenging but i am willing to participate and do my best in all the competition and thanks to Miss Africa Washington Pageant for giving me this opportunity to express my dreams.

Gambia || Sonia Mahoi

Sonia Mahoi

My name is Sonia Mahoi . I'm 22 years old. I love children and have always wanted to have an opportunity to bring to life my idea about helping the unfortunate children in Africa have a brighter feature. More attention will be on the children in orphanages, to make sure they have a chance to experience a normal life as a kid. I would love to work closely with the concern authorities and non-profit organizations, to make sure these kids don't worry about where their next meal comes from or about clean drinking water. My goal is to create funding accounts and charity groups to help build schools, free children's clinics, provide school supplies, food, clothing and much more. I appeal to everyone to help work with me to provide a brighter beginning for our future leaders.

Gabon || Jeanns Jackson




Jeanns Jackson

Hello everybody My name is Jeannelie Nguimbi, I'm from Gabon my family and I move to Seattle in 2010 I am currently studying Pre Med at green river college. With the dream of becoming a Doctor. My platform is to bring awareness to affordable Medicare and Educate our Doctors and Nurses to focus more on saving the lives of our brothers, and sisters then to focus on money than saving lives. Please support me by supporting my platform affordable medicare because I believe that everybody deserves to have access to affordable Medicare and be Treated regardless of their financial status or background also I want you to please help me support our Doctors and Nurses by providing them with the best materials that they need in order to provide better services to the populations. I will hold conferences, do fund raising and partner with others nonprofits organization that share the same passion as me to educate our doctors and nurses on how to take care of patients and provide a registration card that they can use to go to the hospital, with that card they will be able to get treatment, have access to medication and pay for their visit and medication.

Kenya || Jessica Benson

Jessica Benson

Name: Jesca Benson
Jesca Benson stands tall, strong and outstanding beautiful. Her expression is serene. She has dazzling eyes, black and white like the snow of mount Kenya. She also has an amazing smile that lights up any room. She comes from Kenya. The Most Beautiful African Country. She Was born last in a family of six, it's as if her parents saved the best for last. She grew up in the village in Kisii and later moved to Nairobi after completing her high school education. Miss Benson has grown to be a compassionate volunteer who has a soft spot towards vulnerable children. In Nairobi she met a lot of children from poor backgrounds in slums who are ostomates and other disabilities. The ostomates kids cannot afford even stoma bags that is used to collect their waste. Those are life saving things to them. They are often used as a last resort for someone who will die without one.
Following her conviction to help she has visited several homes hosting orphaned, abandoned children in both Nairobi and Kisii. After noticing they lack of essential and basic needs, she was moved to dedicate her life to serve these vulnerable children in providing solutions to ensure they are taught how to be self-reliant and help thousands to lead a better life. She is a Co-founder VILLAGE 2 NATION and her main vision is seeing an empowered people able to care for themselves.
She is a model and fashion enthusiast who has participated in several fashion shows, Modelling fates in Kenya and in the USA. She recently organized a fashion show for MIGHTY CHILDREN CENTER LAUNCH that was held in Connecticut . Miss Benson was nominated for Prestigious DIASPORA ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS RECOGNITION (DEAR AWARDS) For BEST MODEL that was held in Texas. She is also an actress who has played various roles in several local drama including a tv series PRAY AND PREY(NTV), she has appeared as a cast in SANTALAL (CITIZEN TV) . Miss Benson has also held talks in schools in Kenya for mentorship sessions with adolescents girls. She works with ISSEKI BUSINESS LTD, a Company which Imports and and sales cars in Kenya. She plans to further her studies In Acting In Howard University. Miss Benson finds strength and motivation in the words of wisdom from her Mom, her Church Priest and The Late MOTHER THERESA. Her life mission is inspired by the Words of Mother Theresa Who once said, you have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. It's through the power and lessons from these that She realized there was so much to be done to make the world a better place for everyone to live. She is very passionate about helping others and giving back to the community. The 1st ever Miss Africa Washington State Pageant represents many values in her life. She is In It to Win It. She also believes she is beautiful because of her heart. It's ur heart that one is judged on this pageant. Winning the Crown will be an honor and a great opportunity for her to create awareness of Ostomy and other disabilities and provide a solution for the plight of disabled children in Kenya and East Africa at large

Community Matters

Community Matters: Pageant Finalist,Miss Uganda‬ Washington focuses on giving‬ back‬ to her ‪‎community‬. She joined me earlier this afternoon at the Lynwood food bank where we were volunteering. Thank you very much Queen Bika Fauzia Johnson and to your lovely sister Bibi for coming out this afternoon😘😘👑👑🙏🏻Both of you did great👌
‪The‬ ‪‎Miss‬ ‪‎Africa‬ Washington‬ State‬ Pageant‬: paving the way for a new generation of young African Women...
Lots thanks to the Lynwood food bank manager Alisa for your trust to our organization.👑🙏🏻

Congo || Jexenon Xenon

Jexenon Xenon

Jexenon Xenon is a top model, entertainer, singer, dancer and songwriter from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Jexenon Xenon was born in Kinshasa, DRC on February the 12, 1992. After she had graduated from High School in her natal home, Jexenon moved to the United States in 2012 to pursuit her studies. She attended Hesston College where she is more recognized for her strong energy. She always put forth promoting her Congolese and African culture. Jexenon used any opportunities such as conferences, speeches, music, dress, food, culture fair and many more social interactions to show the beauty and richness of her culture. She is the generator of the “African Night” at Hesston College to promote and share the African culture with other students, faculty and stuff.
Jexenon graduated from Hesston College in Hesston, Kansas in May 2015 with an associate degree in nursing and since then, she has been attending the Seattle Central community College in Seattle to get her Bachelor degree in Nursing. Most of Jexenon’s friends think she will fit well in theater, film or anything else related to media because of her potentials for acting, dancing, singing, songwriting, entertaining and modeling. However, Jexenon Xenon also believes that nursing fits her well also because of her passion and carrying for people.  For that matter while pursuing her education in nursing, she decided to have a part-time job as a care manager.
RDC (Republic Democratic of Congo) is her natal country, and it is located in the center of Africa. It is the second largest country in Africa. In the Eastern part of Congo (Goma) has been plunged in war for about twenty years. In this “World’s worst war,” as called by the New York time and claimed the “deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II. Women and children are victims, and are treated as instruments. A lot of Women and girls are being raped and because of this matter, the Goma today is now being called the “world capital of rape”. When she realized that so many people are ignorant of this situation, Jexenon Xenon became more concerned about denouncing what has been happening in her Country. She has been trying to become the voice of those women and children who are voiceless, raped and victimized by the current situation in the Congo.  In a country where democracy is not promoted, it takes strength and determination to speak up for the victims. Despite, how dangerous it is, Jexenon Xenon wants to make a difference and she believes that nothing can stop a determined woman, especially to save other women and children.

Gambia || Mariama Cora



Mariama Cora

My name is Mariama Cora, the 2016 finalist representing the smiling coast of Africa, home of the Mandinka Warriors, The Gambia in the first ever Miss Africa Washington State pageant. I want to take this time to speak about myself, as well as what I stand for. I am a nursing student and very involved in the world of geriatrics, as well as a beauty and fashion fanatic. Although I have never participated in pageants before, I really saw this as an opportunity to raise my voice, and be backed by such a prestigious organization, in order to bring awareness, results and evolution to my country. I recently had the privilege of visiting The Gambia this past year, and seeing all the wonderful yet devastating things that were taking place. I thought about what it was that I wanted to stand for, what could be an umbrella platform that could not only target specific issues but also have major effects on surrounding issues as well. I chose to bring awareness to the detrimental effects of early childhood marriage. Now in The Gambia as with many African countries, early childhood marriage is what I like to call a silent problem. The issue is there, it has its terrible effects, yet it is difficult to speak on and to essentially “fix” because it isn’t a solid issue, such as HIV or malaria etc. That is why I need to work harder, in order to show people that this issue is not taboo, it is real and it is harming our young women. This epidemic is preventing them from rising to their full potential. Some of these girls being married off, don’t even know what sex is sometimes, are not even sure of what a period is, yet they are told they have to go tend to a man twice or even thrice their age for the rest of their lives; many of which marriages only last as long as the lifespan of the elders who tied the knot. I met a young women, whom I hold dear to my heart. She is on her second marriage, with three children. Both marriages weren’t just arranged but forced. She doesn’t get to see her husband, because he lives in Europe with his second wife. Now this friend of mine, has her children no education no means of money, he doesn’t send her money, and she is stuck in this marriage, due to lack of knowledge and liberation. Should I win and claim this crown for The Gambia, I will return home, and liberate my women, teach them what I know, and create support groups where they will get the necessary education. I intend to open up more opportunities for jobs by opening a hospital that can actually help sick people, because the hospitals in Gambia need upgrading and that is from a firsthand experience. Employ these women, give them a voice and restore the power they were stripped of many years ago. Marriage is a beautiful thing when done right, when both parties have a say, marriage is not meant to give your daughter another father. The goal is to help this generation but to prevent it from happening to the next generation, it is time to take a stand. The first step is for them to acknowledge that there is a problem. Lets raise our children not brides.

Kenya || Salome Munyaka



Salome Munyaka

My name is Salome munyaka. I was born in the land of green highlands a land that is home for over 1000 birds and unique animals a country known for its historical sites the land from eastern Africa Kenya.
I am currently a fulltime student at highline college in Washington state am currently pursuing my AA degree in business with an emphasis in accounting. It is with great pride and honor that I accept this invitation to be a finalist in the first ever and prestigious Miss Africa Washington pageant 2016.
This pageant has created a first ever in the whole of Washington a platform for young women from across Africa and the world to pursue their dreams and raise awareness for important social and political issues, I believe for me and my country this is an opportunity to raise awareness and speak for the silenced issue of domestic violence.
Kenya has a rich heritage and culture centered on family and the man as the head of the family and usually having the last say on every matter. Unfortunately, domestic violence is not considered a problem or an issue in the society. The government terms it as family wrangles that are handled at the lowest level of judicial control. This has led many women and children to suffer in silence because there is no place to seek for help not in the community or government or family.
I was 14 years old when my mum was batted all night almost to death when she finally took the bold step and left my father, this led to her being stigmatized and reprimanded by society and family she finally had to flee Kenya because her life was put at risk by my father because she refused to return back home.
She ran to the government but they termed her complain as a family wrangle that she can solve between herself and my father and so she received no help whatsoever, moving from Kenya is what saved her life. It took her to flee from her motherland to get refuge
Now as her daughter who she had no choice but to leave behind I suffered for 7 years under my father’s wrath until I also fled for my safety. Now because I am in a safe environment I want to use this opportunity to try and reach out to other victims like me here in Washington and in future back in Kenya to empower them to save themselves and empower others like them.
I no longer want to simply be another story but rather I want to be a voice and to raise awareness in my country that domestic violence is a serious issue and needs to be tabled and measures be put because it affects the future of the country since the generation of children we are raising is at risk.
I am currently reaching out to the Kenyan community, to women and children who are victims to understand their stories and help them cope with it and seek help due to the trauma. I believe before we can go back to Kenya and seek to save others we need to heal from our own trauma and seek courage and strength, because we need to be strong for ourselves and also others to be able to work together to help not only the victims but even the abusers.
Should I have the honor to become miss Africa Washington 2016 I will use this experience in working first hand with the victims around me the women and children in Washington to start their healing process. And I wish to collaborate with the existing organizations to help deal with the trauma that comes from domestic violence. I wish take and use every opportunity during my one year of service to help each and every person that comes my way, through educating them , therapy session and empowerment workshops. I believe this will be an honor for my country as well as for me and I will not only gain a lot from this experience this will transform my countries view on domestic violence and I will create the pioneer program to change in Kenya and ultimately Africa.