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Nenneh Yeroh Jalloh

Hello, my name is Nenneh Yeroh Jalloh. I was born and raised in the blissful Lion Mountain and the queen of diamonds in the continent of Africa which is Freetown, Sierra Leone. I am the second of seven children. Also, the first girl child in my family. However, I am a proud big sister (jaja) to five beautiful sisters. I lived most of my life in Sierra Leone. I am currently a bookkeeper for a family owned business. And will be attending the University of Washington Tacoma this coming September to further my education. In three years, I hope to earn my masters in accounting. For me accounting and business is intriguing. In the future, I hope to own multiple businesses and employ many people from different backgrounds. I will also want to be a business instructor at a community or technical college in my later years. Some of my hobbies are walking, solving math problems, dancing and watching business shows such as shark tank.
If I should describe myself any further, I consider myself as a self-motivated hard working individual with a huge passion for learning. I always pushed myself to be the best in anything I do. For me, education is one of the routes to growth. Therefore, I am constantly learning and growing. I am also a person with a big heart for helping especially the children.
Growing up, life hasn’t been easy for me and my family since the civil war. Despite it all, I am very proud to say my parents managed to keep me and my siblings together. I am also proud to say I grew up in a home where good values and respect are enforced.
Unfortunately, there are more than three thousand kids in the rural area of Sierra Leone under the age of ten that have lost both parents to Ebola virus. Part of me participating in this miss Africa Washington state pageant, is to start my own non-profit foundation; the Pekin moss go school foundation, that will give about twenty to fifty orphans children that lost both parents to Ebola Virus the aid in school tuition and other necessities while also monitoring the long-term growth and emotional health of these children. Life is already traumatic for these children and a good Samaritan is needed. I am honored to be representing my beautiful country Sierra Leone but above, all more honored to be the voice for these most vulnerable voiceless children.