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Oluebube Lynda

My name is Oluebube Lynda, I come from the beautiful, multi talented, multi cultural country of Nigeria. I am currently working as a CNA, aspiring to go for a degree in pharmacy by the mercies of God by September. And I count it a privilege to be one of the finalists in the Miss Africa Washington state 2017 pageant, representing my beloved country Nigeria.

Nigeria is known as the giant of Africa with its resources and beautiful heritage and culture and has also provided a lot of educated young women and men in and out of this country but unfortunately in some part of this great nation there are still cultural, religious beliefs and norms that do not value the education of certain gender that brings me to my platform ''promoting girl child education". Education is the right of every child irrespective of gender, abilities, and background but I choose to specify the girl child because she has been devalued, stigmatized, denied her right because of factors like traditions, poverty, beliefs and poor parental guidance.Recently on a speech by the president of my country he said and i quote ''that his wife belongs to the kitchen and the other room'' this has been the mentality of so many in the society where I come from,parents think sending a girl child to school is a waste of money and investment as she is only good to be a wife and a mother thereby denied her 'right to deploy her potentials and God given gifts.
As a privileged young lady who has seen the better side of life and have been in environment where incident like this occurred,through this platform I want to be a voice to young ladies who are embedded with potentials, dignity, glory, and virtues to stand up for who they are, refuse to be buried by what culture tells them.
Through this platform and should I become the miss AFRICA 2017 I'll be able to work with other nongovernmental bodies and educational bodies to organize seminars that further educate this young ladies about the importance of education and where it places them in society.Not just education in intellectual aspect but also to be independent in life as ladies proving to our society that the best investment u could do is sending a girl child to school.