Somalia | Maka Ege

Posted on: July 4, 2017, by :

Maka Ege

My name is Maka Ege. I was born in the beautiful country known as the horn of Africa Somalia. Somalia is located on the east side of Africa. Somalia is the only peninsula in Africa and one of the many countries the equator runs through. Coming to this country as an immigrant from a refugee camp my family always valued education as a way out. I graduate from Central Washington University with all honors where I received my degree in elementary education and minor in TESOL and a bilingual endorsement and a teacher certification. I am currently an ESL teacher at one of the most diverse colleges in the Pacific Northwest Renton Technical College. I have the amazing opportunity to meet and help many different student all over the world. I love teaching student to gain the proper knowledge they need to become successful in this world. In today society we need more people educating our youth to make better choices in life. I am so excited to be a part of a pageant that value and help young women develop self-confidents within themselves. In addition to helping spread awareness to many political issues that’s happening in our society. My platform for the 2017 African Washington state pageant will be (Standing against Islamophobia). Poor innocent people around the world are getting killed only based on their religious differences. I will use my platform to be the voice for the voiceless. I understand people fear what they don’t know but it’s my mission to help people understand being different is something beautiful.
I plan to enlighten the minds and connect with the soul through beautiful engaging conversations. I believe that “If people don’t know something let them know. Don’t be mad that they didn’t know” a lack of knowledge create misconceptions and stereotypes but a simple gain of knowledge creates a better society.