Gambia #1 | Fatoumata Jatta

Posted on: July 6, 2017, by :

Fatoumata Jatta

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome to the smiling coast of Africa, The Gambia.
My name is Fatoumata Jatta and I am proud and honored to be representing my beautiful country in the Miss Africa Washington State Pageant 2017. My amazing country is Known for being the Smallest country in African but despite being geographically small, we are a great country filled with big hearted people. About 50,000 British tourist visit the Gambia every year. The country is composed with many different ethnics. We have The Mandinka, the Wolof, the Fula, the Jola, the Serahuli, the Serer, the Aku and the Manjago. Gambia is also known to be the home of the great #kunta #kinteh.
My favorite thing about my Gambia is, knowing that you will never find anyone sleeping on the streets or anyone suffering because we take care of our own.
Unfortunately the last 20years, our country went, downhill. From my point of view, my people became depressed as the years went by. My people are mentally depressed and no one wants to talk about it. Many people are afraid to live the way, they desired because of fear. There was no freedom of expression in my country till recently with our new government. Even though things are getting better, my people are still afraid to express themselves and talk about things that they believe in.
Imagine going through that as a 13 year old. I know many of you are probably asking what in the world, could a 13 year old be depressed about? Do you know 9 out of 10 people in my country are mentally depressed? Mental depression is a serous issue. The culture we are raised in, we are taught to always be strong and never show weakness. Can you imagine what happens when you can't stay strong anymore? These are questions everyone should be asking themselves. I believe it is high time we create a platform where my people come together and be open to talk about DEPRESSION. with your support, I would love to be the one to facilitate such a big step toward getting rid of depression in my Gambian community here and in the Gambia.
The connections and relationships you build with people are very important in resolving this issue.
Please support me on this journey of becoming Miss Africa Washington State 2017 and help make a difference in my community.
Thank you very much.