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Mahanfa Madina Koné

Mahanfa Madina Koné, born in Cocody, Côte D' Ivoire ( Ivory Cost) in the 90's. Madina moved from Abidjan in 2000 to Paris, France at the age of 6 where she grew up. In her teenage years, Madina relocated to Tacoma, Washington to terminate high school. Throughout secondary school, despite English as her second language she took interest and engaged herself in various community service programs. From assisting uncared-for/ forlorn plebians, agricultural work to cleaning services. She indeed has learned a lot. Conjointly to her helpful spirit, Madina was also helping Special Need Children with severe different illnesses attending the same facility. Madina was devoted, comprehensive and empathetic towards them. Once again she has gained powerful knowledge through these experiences and learned how to be more appreciative of every moments and details of her life. During that period her older sister and herself manage through dedication, hard work and sacrifies to launch a salon in University Place, Washington called Miracle African Braiding. Madina then graduated the same year and decided to take a little step back on her education to take care of the freshly open salon. Few years later she enrolled in a Tacoma Community College to pursue her studies in Psychology. One of Madina's dream is to be able to obtain her master's degree in Psychology to open her own rehabilitation center specialize in mentally ill children, as well as therapy for married or non-married couples.

This year 2016 Madina is currently participating in Miss Africa Washington established by Miss Zeynab Koroma/ Miss Senegal, representing her exquisite country Côte D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) with 15 other beautiful and powerful women who are apprehensive about the future of Africa. Africa our rich but suffering in many ways continent. Madina is dedicated and wishes well for Africa. Especially her country, therefore the reason why as her pageant platform she chose the very fragile but important subject of Illiteracy. Illiteracy in Abobo, Côte D'Ivoire a very fortuneless area of Abidjan the economic capital of Côte D'Ivoire. As a Namibian proverb says "Learning expands great souls..." Madina strongly believes in that statement and also that education is life, knowledge and development. Without cultivation very less can be accomplish, especially for the African continent who tends to be behind with lack of knowledgebase. This is why Mahanfa Madina Koné is ready to do the possible and impossible with genuine help to make a change in her brothers and sisters lifes.