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Ruzeda Antoinette Fields

Ruzeda Antoinette Fields was born in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in August 17, 1997 but has spent most of her life in Seattle, Washington where she attends school at South Seattle College. She is the daughter of a U.S. Navy veteran and a licensed practical nurse.
Though, still learning and growing, Ruzeda has overcome many trials and adversities that have shaped her into the young woman she is today. What sparked Ruzeda’s interest to speak and advocate for those living with HIV/AIDS is her local Tanzanian community in Seattle.
She has dedicated her life to seeing an AIDS free generation in her lifetime and is currently involved in local AIDS service organizations for volunteer that do instrumental work around HIV/AIDS in Seattle to learn and help serve the community such as: BABES Network-YWCA, Lifelong AIDS Alliance and Inspire Youth Project (formerly known as ‘Rise N’ Shine’).
Ruzeda finds personal strength in the words of wisdom provided to her by her mentor Tranisha Arzah who is already recognized nationally from the important work she has been doing for PLHIV (People Living with HIV). Ruzeda’s personal motto comes from Tranisha who once said “Just be YOU!” with that she reminds herself to just be her best self and to be happy with what she contributes to the world no matter what! It is through the power and lesson of these words that Ruzeda was able to became the first in her family to publicly stand for what she believes in.
Upon completion of school, Ruzeda plans to start a non-profit organization whose goal is to break barriers for the Tanzanian diaspora whose second, third, or even fourth language is English; providing comprehensive education around the western medicine, making HIV/AIDS outreach accessible to these communities within the King County area; and also serving these communities through a one-on-one peer mentorship program.
When Ruzeda wins the Miss Africa Washington state pageant, she will use this notoriety to help grow her services from the busy streets of Seattle all the way to the beaming heat of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania!