South Sudan || Nyamal Both

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Nyamal Both

My name is Nyamal Both. In my country, my name means peace or happiness, something South Sudan lacks greatly. I was born December 21, 1996 in peaceful Iowa Lutheran Hospital Des Moines, Iowa. My parents Matthew Wichluol Both and Rebecca Nyadeng Bol were both born in war torn South Sudan both almost 50 years ago. They belong to the Jikany, Lou Nuer. They married December 23 1985. The reason I say war torn is because the north and the south of the Sudan were fighting for 22 years and finally separated from one another and South Sudan became its own Republic Country July 9th 2011. My parents fled to America in 1993 just a young couple in hope of bettering their life after losing a son and carrying a one year old on their backs . Though they encountered many hardships , they never stopped pursuing the perfect life for us kids. They put us in good schools and quiet neighborhoods. They encouraged us to follow our dreams and always made sure we had everything we need. Ever since I was a young girl I always dreamed of helping people all over the world. In my heart it is my desire to make everyone feel good and feel loved . I am currently in college pursuing my Nursing degree , I would like to get my degree in Science and Nursing and later on get my masters in Registered Nursing and become a missionary nurse. I believe this pageant can lead me in the right direction as far as pushing me closer to my goal. As of today in my country there is a lot of fighting and tribalism going on. Other tribes are trying to wipe out the Nuer population (my ethnicity) so there is no love and no peace. In my mind being a missionary nurse would advocate the love and peace and restore hearts and minds of not only people of the Sudan but all over the world. Darkness cannot drive out Darkness, only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate , only love can do that . I hope to spread love everywhere that I go for the rest of my life.