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Jessica Benson

Name: Jesca Benson
Jesca Benson stands tall, strong and outstanding beautiful. Her expression is serene. She has dazzling eyes, black and white like the snow of mount Kenya. She also has an amazing smile that lights up any room. She comes from Kenya. The Most Beautiful African Country. She Was born last in a family of six, it's as if her parents saved the best for last. She grew up in the village in Kisii and later moved to Nairobi after completing her high school education. Miss Benson has grown to be a compassionate volunteer who has a soft spot towards vulnerable children. In Nairobi she met a lot of children from poor backgrounds in slums who are ostomates and other disabilities. The ostomates kids cannot afford even stoma bags that is used to collect their waste. Those are life saving things to them. They are often used as a last resort for someone who will die without one.
Following her conviction to help she has visited several homes hosting orphaned, abandoned children in both Nairobi and Kisii. After noticing they lack of essential and basic needs, she was moved to dedicate her life to serve these vulnerable children in providing solutions to ensure they are taught how to be self-reliant and help thousands to lead a better life. She is a Co-founder VILLAGE 2 NATION and her main vision is seeing an empowered people able to care for themselves.
She is a model and fashion enthusiast who has participated in several fashion shows, Modelling fates in Kenya and in the USA. She recently organized a fashion show for MIGHTY CHILDREN CENTER LAUNCH that was held in Connecticut . Miss Benson was nominated for Prestigious DIASPORA ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS RECOGNITION (DEAR AWARDS) For BEST MODEL that was held in Texas. She is also an actress who has played various roles in several local drama including a tv series PRAY AND PREY(NTV), she has appeared as a cast in SANTALAL (CITIZEN TV) . Miss Benson has also held talks in schools in Kenya for mentorship sessions with adolescents girls. She works with ISSEKI BUSINESS LTD, a Company which Imports and and sales cars in Kenya. She plans to further her studies In Acting In Howard University. Miss Benson finds strength and motivation in the words of wisdom from her Mom, her Church Priest and The Late MOTHER THERESA. Her life mission is inspired by the Words of Mother Theresa Who once said, you have never really lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you. It's through the power and lessons from these that She realized there was so much to be done to make the world a better place for everyone to live. She is very passionate about helping others and giving back to the community. The 1st ever Miss Africa Washington State Pageant represents many values in her life. She is In It to Win It. She also believes she is beautiful because of her heart. It's ur heart that one is judged on this pageant. Winning the Crown will be an honor and a great opportunity for her to create awareness of Ostomy and other disabilities and provide a solution for the plight of disabled children in Kenya and East Africa at large