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Jeanns Jackson

Hello everybody My name is Jeannelie Nguimbi, I'm from Gabon my family and I move to Seattle in 2010 I am currently studying Pre Med at green river college. With the dream of becoming a Doctor. My platform is to bring awareness to affordable Medicare and Educate our Doctors and Nurses to focus more on saving the lives of our brothers, and sisters then to focus on money than saving lives. Please support me by supporting my platform affordable medicare because I believe that everybody deserves to have access to affordable Medicare and be Treated regardless of their financial status or background also I want you to please help me support our Doctors and Nurses by providing them with the best materials that they need in order to provide better services to the populations. I will hold conferences, do fund raising and partner with others nonprofits organization that share the same passion as me to educate our doctors and nurses on how to take care of patients and provide a registration card that they can use to go to the hospital, with that card they will be able to get treatment, have access to medication and pay for their visit and medication.