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Rukiya Elmi

My name is Rukiya Elmi. I love fashion, color, style, photography and yoga and hoping in 6 months I will be yoga instructor. i am 25 years old and i am in nationality from Somalia but grow up in the refugees Dadaab camp dhagahley. I have been in the United States almost 10 years. i have worked with rainier beach, jefferson, Ethiopian and Somalian communities and decided to stay and work in Somali community services of Seattle for the position of youth coordinator. I have worked with a lot of family cases, elders , children, and mostly youth . for the intention of creating some purpose in their life instead of the youth going somewhere else after school we always in encourage them to come to the community. I mostly teach all the Somali cultural dance and perform all the community around for the name of Somali youth dancers. However, we have many different teachers with us such as west Africa, latino and all of us as one we perform as teams. and i am currently finishing up my college degree in Seattle Central College with the major of child psychology. I have always been babysitting children and i have my own daycare right now. curious about their future and wonder what will happen if we can prevent any obstacle that prevents to have better future. In the camp i remember as a young girl I would look at the night sky and wonder if I would ever get my dreams of reading books will come true but never had the chance because there were no libraries for the children and even primary school so it is my dream to open a library in dhagahaley and later all camps. a library that is big enough for children, youth, adult and elders. a library filled with textbooks of all level of education, novels of all writers and women empowerment. books such as strong self-made people dreams accomplished. books about kids who grow up in the refugee who never had the chance to sit on a new desk in school, eat full lunch a day, kids who sleep hungry at night because they can,t afford dinner, kids who sleep in one room with a family of 15 members, kids who walk miles to get there own water at the age of 5 years old and still have big smile on their face. still accomplished their dream and helped the ones they left behind. books just like that everywhere in the library. I know it is challenging but i am willing to participate and do my best in all the competition and thanks to Miss Africa Washington Pageant for giving me this opportunity to express my dreams.