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Rodina Gebremariam

A beautiful girl arrived to this world on February 22, 1991. Rodina Gebremariam was born and raised in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Her parents raised her and her two siblings in a religious household. Having faith in God plays a big role in her life. Rodina believes in respecting others, honesty and working hard to reach ones personal goals. Starting from kindergarten to her high school years she was a very disciplined and dedicated student. She maintained an honor-roll throughout her school years and set an example to her peers. After completing high school she attended a college in Addis Abeba where she finished her pharmacy degree. Outside of school she was involved in non-profit organizations where she has helped disadvantaged and disabled women and children in her community. In her spare timer Rodina likes to dance Salsa and participate in outdoor activities.

Rodinas passion for the modeling industry started at a young age. At age 12 she entered her first fashion shows. Besides her hard working ethics and her very humbled character, her 5 feet 10 inches height and her striking physique have helped her greatly in the modeling industry. As her knowledge for the modeling industry progressed she was fortunate enough to compete at different modeling venues in different countries. She awarded the name for Miss Intercontinental Africa 2010 in Dominican Republic, travling to other countries and meeting people from different cultures, backgrounds and mindset has given her different perspectives in her life. It has broadened her way of thinking and has made her to appreciate life more.

Rodina moved to Seattle three years ago and she is currently in the process of studying to be an Orthodontist. In the past she has volunteered in hospitals where she helped take care of patients. This has imprinted a great joy in her heart. Once she finishes her degree in Orthodontist she plans to help bring beautiful smiles to disadvantage people in her community.