South Sudan (2) || Nyaruach Dedoch

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Nyaruach Dedoch

On July 6, 1988 a queen was born. Immigrating to Canada in 1989 from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia I naturally grew accustomed to western culture. Being first generation immigrants my parents made sure to teach me about my South Sudanese culture and heritage. As the oldest of 6,  I wanted to make sure to learn as much as I could about South Sudan, so that I would be able to fully embrace my heritage and pass my knowledge on to my siblings. As a full time mother my daughter is a driving force in my life and I knew in my heart that I would one day go back to South Sudan and make a difference in my country. South Sudan has had the longest running civil war to date. Tribalism, a behavior which stems from strong loyalty to ones own tribe or social group is one of the key factors as to why the war is till going on.
As a contestant in the Miss Africa Washington State Pageant, I want to bring awareness to tribalism, show the effects it has had in South Sudan and also bring ideas as to how we can finally achieve peace and end the war once and for all. As a passionate, outgoing, driven young woman, I know that peace for South Sudan will not be achieved overnight. It has been a process that many generations before mine have had to shed tears, sweat and sacrifice there lives for. I hope to use my platform to put my ideas and solutions in motion and begin a movement that will help bring change to South Sudan. One day we will all be able to go back to our homeland and live in peace and happiness.