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Gambia #1 | Fatoumata Jatta

[simplicity-likes] Fatoumata Jatta Greetings ladies and gentlemen, Welcome to the smiling coast of Africa, The Gambia. My name is Fatoumata Jatta and I am proud and honored to be representing my beautiful country in the Miss Africa Washington State Pageant 2017. My amazing country is Known for being the Smallest country in African but despite […]

South Sudan #1 | Nyalong Chuol

Maka Ege Greetings, my name is Nyalong Chuol and I will be one of the representatives for South Sudan, the nation’s newest country in Africa. I am honored to be apart of the Miss Africa Washington pageant this year, I am a full time student and currently teach pre kindergarten and work at Nike. My […]

Somalia | Maka Ege

Maka Ege My name is Maka Ege. I was born in the beautiful country known as the horn of Africa Somalia. Somalia is located on the east side of Africa. Somalia is the only peninsula in Africa and one of the many countries the equator runs through. Coming to this country as an immigrant from […]

Zimbabwe | Shamiso Samantha Madzonganyika

Shamiso Samantha Madzonganyika Hello my name is Shamiso Samantha Madzonganyika. I was born in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. I am 24 years old and I am currently working as a preschool teacher. I attended Sierra College in California, where I studied early childhood education. Children have always been a passion of mine, which is the reason I […]

Nigeria | Oluebube Lynda

Oluebube Lynda My name is Oluebube Lynda, I come from the beautiful, multi talented, multi cultural country of Nigeria. I am currently working as a CNA, aspiring to go for a degree in pharmacy by the mercies of God by September. And I count it a privilege to be one of the finalists in the […]

Kenya | Faith Robi Nyamohanga

Faith Robi Nyamohanga Hello, my name is Faith Robi Nyamohanga and I am 21 years of age. I was born in the beautiful country Kenya, the pride of Africa and moved to the United States in the year 2012.I am currently a part time student at Highline College getting my AA in Biology with an […]

Ivory Coast | Shina-Olga Diadhiou

Shina-Olga Diadhiou My name is Shina-Olga Diadhiou, I am 20 years of age, currently a student at University of Washington Bothell pursuing a major in Biology and a minor in chemistry. I grew up in the Economic Capital City of Ivory Coast called Abidjan. My dad is from Dakar, Senegal and my mom from Abidjan, […]

Sierra Leone | Nenneh Yeroh Jalloh

Nenneh Yeroh Jalloh Hello, my name is Nenneh Yeroh Jalloh. I was born and raised in the blissful Lion Mountain and the queen of diamonds in the continent of Africa which is Freetown, Sierra Leone. I am the second of seven children. Also, the first girl child in my family. However, I am a proud […]

South Sudan 2 | Abari Charles

Abari Charles My name is Abari Charles and I was born in a country border to my own, Kenya. In the year of 1997, Sudan was still in conflict and my family and many others resided in border countries as refugees. My family and I moved to the United States in 2000 and today, I […]

Ghana | Abenaa Nimako

Abenaa Nimako My name is Abenaa Nimako. I am 22 years of age. I was born in the beautiful motherland of Ghana, West of Africa. My parents and I immigrated to America when I was at the age of 4 with the goal to better my education. Of a family of 8 children, I am […]