Community Matters

Posted on: July 17, 2016, by :

Community Matters: Pageant Finalist,Miss Uganda‬ Washington focuses on giving‬ back‬ to her ‪‎community‬. She joined me earlier this afternoon at the Lynwood food bank where we were volunteering. Thank you very much Queen Bika Fauzia Johnson and to your lovely sister Bibi for coming out this afternoon😘😘👑👑🙏🏻Both of you did great👌
‪The‬ ‪‎Miss‬ ‪‎Africa‬ Washington‬ State‬ Pageant‬: paving the way for a new generation of young African Women...
Lots thanks to the Lynwood food bank manager Alisa for your trust to our organization.👑🙏🏻