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Lucinda Yeawa Massaquoi

Lucinda Yeawa Massaquoi is currently a student at Tacoma Community College pursuing a career in Criminal Justice with a goal of becoming an International Lawyer.

I grew up in Freetown capital city of Sierra Leone and it is my extreme honor and privilege to represent my Anthems of Africa Sierra Leone in the 3rd Annual Miss Africa Washington State. Platform: DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ON WOMEN AND CHILDREN.

My goal is to help educate women and children who are victims of all forms of abuse and domestic violence. My decision to choose this cause is borne out of personal experiences I witnessed firsthand growing up as a child in a home with domestic violence being perpetrated on a daily basis. Why? My mother suffered Domestic Violence and was been beaten every single night by her husband, my father under the influence of alcohol every other night. He would return home with thundering blows and a lust for blood. Her eyes fill with so much pain yet there was never a time her passion, desire and optimism to ensure the success of her family diminished. Her continued passion and strength even in the face of terror and untold harassment has morphed me into the strong person you see before you today. Witnessing this daily horror broke my heart as her child. My mother was left with no other choice but to flee for dear life and abandon her home and children. I have heard and witnessed so many other cases in my country and it saddens my heart to see mothers, children and young girls faced with domestic violence in Sierra Leone and other parts of the world.

How Am I planning to stop the problem?
I would give my strength, devotion, time and resources to fight against domestic violence in Sierra Leone The percentage of victims of Domestic Violence are increasing with each day. Its unfortunate that most of the individuals perpetuating this violence are not being punished for their crimes. To fight against Domestic Violence, I will work hand in hand with the Government of Sierra Leone, the victims of these crimes and other local and international Humanitarian agencies. I am currently reaching out to the Sierra Leone community, women and children who are victims, to understand their stories and help intervene with appropriate interventions required by their individual experiences. We will also adopt enforcement of national legislation in line with international human rights standards.
The government and International groups( UN/ IRC) of Sierra Leone are currently fighting to end Domestic Violence and I look forward to offering my help and collaboration. The project titled ‘The Husband School’ is based in Sierra Leone and it is established with a strong mandate to end Violence against women of any form and degree. Should I become Miss Africa Washington 2018, I will use the experience to first of all impact those directly around me - Women and Children in Washington to begin their journey to healing. I plan on working directly with the United Nations in Sierra Leone to establish a National and local campaign educating people on Systematic efforts to address sexual violence in conflict situations. It is worth noting that I’m currently in collaboration with existing organizations in the State of Washington such as the Seattle ‘union Gospel mission in Kent and Domestic violence services of Snohomish county in Seattle with similar causes to help deal with trauma that arise from domestic violence. I will take and use every opportunity within my year of service to establish workshops and provide school supplies to children who have been made to drop out as a result of this problem. With time I look forward to expanding this program across Africa. I will leave you with my very own quote that says, “NEVER ALLOW A MAN TO TOUCH YOU WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION.”