Nigeria #2 || Esther Ariwodo

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Esther Ariwodo

My name is Esther Ariwodo, I was born December 28 1997 in Shiroro, Niger state. A beautiful small town in the northern part of Nigeria. My dad passed away when I was five years old, I was later adopted because my mom could not take care of all five kids alone or send us to school. My new family was a caring, lovely, God fearing family and it consist of my parents,four older brothers and my two older sisters. My mother owns a fabric store which I also helped in managing, how I love the bargaining interaction I have with customers and their sincere smile when they leave. I attended Day Secondary School Shiroro a Government owned middle and high school.

I came to America a year and half ago and I live in Washington state, am currently studying for my G.E.D at Green River College. I am caring, shy, free spirited and I love little children, my hobbies are reading novels, watching TV and sleeping. During this past one year I have been braiding hair with my Aunty @chinnys African braiding, my aspiration in life is to go to a cosmetology beauty school and I will love to own a hair salon in the future.