Zimbabwe #1 || Anna Phiri

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Anna Phiri

"Brave girl, at any moment you have the power to say: this is not how the story is going to end”-unknown This is the philosophy that twenty-five year old Anna Galdensia Phiri lives by and hopes to impart in the lives of young girls by advocating that every girl have the right to an education. Born July 4th in the metropolitan province of Bulawayo (also known as the City of Kings) in the great country of Zimbabwe. Graduated with Distinguished Honors from Radford University, Anna left a mark as the second-only and first-ever black student to graduate Radford University as a Scholar Citizen. After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Political Science with minors in International Affairs and Psychology, she began pursing her Masters at the Institute of World Politics in Washington, D.C. and intends is to complete her course work in an institution in the State of Washington. She is currently pursing opportunities to enroll in a Masters in Business Administration with a local university in the State of Washington. Along with all of these achievements and growth opportunities, she has been a global mentor that worked with organizations such as: High Achievement, SOME (So Others May Eat), and the Ronald McDonald House.

In 2014, she created Women United for HER with a mission that serves to help advance young women’s academic and social needs in Sub-Saharan Africa, while upholding them to leadership standards that will better equip them to later support and advance the needs of their community and fellow women. Currently she works in the banking industry as a financial advisor. It’s with all of these achievements that she continues to impact women and empower the girl child through fair and deliberate education initiatives. Anna’s passion for volunteer work has driven her to bring her platform to a larger stage in order to increase her reach to be a global citizen that desires to see the continent of Africa tell a different story, and most importantly see the girls and women across the great continent of Africa tell a different story of their lives and the lives of their children and communities.