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Emeka Chiamaka

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. My name is Emeka Chiamaka, I am 19 years old. I am majoring in Paralegal and I am currently enrolled as a student in Edmonds Community College. I was born and raised in Abia State in Nigeria. I am proud to say that, it is a great honor for me to represent Nigeria, the Giant of Africa not only in this year’s pageant, but also in the whole world in general.

The platform I am talking about, is focused on fighting against Rape.

I chose this platform because, being born and raised in Nigeria, I’ve always heard people that are related to me, and somehow distant from me, talk about how people they know, have been sexually assaulted and raped. In most cases, they’ve experienced it themselves because they were assaulted too. However, these rape victims hardly report to their parents, also they hardly report to the appropriate body of government (police department). As a youth in Nigeria, some questions began to run through my mind:

Are women not secured and safe in Nigeria again? Note: men are also victims of rape, but the highest gender according to Nigeria news and Statistics, that are being raped are the women. These statistics shows few places in Nigeria, where the group with the highest number of being the victims, were the women. While the group, with the highest number of being the perpetrators were the men.

Do we have a weak system of government, that do not protect women and their bodies?

What can we do to stop rape in Nigeria?

Why does most of rape victims, do not report that they’ve been raped; is it related to the word “Blaming the victim and Assumption risk”?

What causes rape to occur, and what inputs that thoughts of rape in people’s minds? etc.

My purpose of choosing Rape as my platform, is to become the voice of many women and young girls who have been/are victims of rape. I want to empower and encourage women, to become feminists and fight for what they want. The Ways I want to go about ending rape in my country includes:

Supporting organizations that are working to fight rape culture in campuses, homes and the society and also volunteering at, and donating to the Anti- sexual violence projects. Example: Mirabel Rape Crisis Center in Nigeria.

Encouraging schools and parents, to always educate the children on sex education and the dangers of rape. Which includes, teaching the young girls about pre-assault self-defense and especially educating the young boys on the importance of Sexual Consent.

Public Enlightenment: because it is an important tool in changing behavior, attitude and system of people. When people get the message that rape is a capital offense in Nigeria, it helps in not only stopping rape but in protecting women and victims.

I want to create the awareness, that this problem that we do not hear all the time (Rape), is really going deep into not only Nigeria, but the world at large and must be stopped.

Finally, I would like to join and support organizations that are working to fight Rape Culture in Nigeria by caring, devoting my time, donating to victims of rape, educating the youths on dangers of rape, encouraging victims of rape to always report their cases, and letting people know if they’ve been assaulted or raped.

I have also decided to dedicate my all to work together with the government of Nigeria, both local and international organizations, that are fighting against rape in Nigeria and the World. I am currently giving an awareness presentation in my school, that focuses on Media Objectification as one of the causes of rape. Again, I am currently trying to reach out to as many victims of rape as possible in Nigeria, to empower them to believe in the statement “Still i rise” (Marlene Wagman-Geller), and to use it in their everyday lives. Also, I am currently registering to do community services, in many providence intervention centers for Assault and Abuse.

According to the Nigerian newspaper (Punch), some solutions have been made to end rape and they include: 1. The Lagos State Government passing and enforcing the law, that recommends a life imprisonment for anybody convicted of rape.

2. Agencies have also encouraged victims of rape to report their cases of abuse.

3. Organizations that protect rape victims have been created. Also, funding organizations for victims of rape have also been created.

I am so happy, to find out that the government of Nigeria is trying so hard to fight against rape, and to care for rape victims. It is encouraging to know, that there are written Laws, and Law enforcement agencies that punish Rape perpetrators.

In conclusion, Rape is a big problem not only in Nigeria but, in the world, at large and must be stopped. I want to encourage women, to resist the word “Slut-Shaming and Victim Blaming” and take rape as a serious criminal act that must be reported and dealt with.

If I become Miss Africa Washington 2018, I will take it upon myself to empower, and encourage women to speak up against