Somalia || Deka Aydid Arten (Amiizha)

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Deka Aydid Arten (Amiizha)

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is what are you doing for others”- Martin Luther King Jr. Is the theory that Deka implies in her daily life.

Deka Arten is 17 years old, born and raised in DHEGAHBOUR , a city located in the eastern part of the Somali region in Ethiopia (OGADEN). She is senior at Kent Meridian High school and expecting her diploma in June 2019. After graduating from high school, she is planning to major in law and minor in fashion/modelling at UW, Seattle. At an early age Deka was always willing to help those in need, no matter what the outcome was. Helping people was always important to her because she knew it's well to do good deeds for others. Also, that it is always good to help others because it makes you feel good about yourself. Because it will make you seem like a better person and have others have a better outlook on you. She also believed the idea that if you help someone in need they feel the need to help another, so it is another way of spreading positivity and being generous to those around her, so they can do the same for others. After having grown up and seeing people in her community, and her relatives lack of resources and in need of food she realized it was time for her to make a change in this world especially the town she was born and raised, Dhegahbour. She was emotionally tired of seeing and couldn’t take it no more, her cousins and relatives coming to the city filling her house every day and wanting her family to provide all that food and shelter for all those people, who are trying to survive from famine and coming in the cities for better lives. Even though she was too young at that time to do an actual change about the problem it was always something that hunted her down and she felt guilty about it. After she came to the US and started her new life here she always knew something was missing and something still didn’t change about how she felt about certain things, like helping her people back home and ending hunger and famine. She knew it was the right to make a change about this problem because she had the resources and ideas to change something about it, because she knew she was the voice of those millions of voiceless people that didn’t have the voice and the ability to speak against this specific issue that they were facing. According to WFP, “Not only do the consequences of not enough – or the wrong – food cause suffering and poor health, they also slow progress in many other areas of development like education and employment.” Even though she was still in high school she was still striving to learn more and connect with people outside of her community. In addition, her high school is very diverse which gives her an amazing opportunity to meet new people all from around the world and understand how they deal with these types of things coming from various places. She joined allot of groups and clubs that do community services like making sure that people in her own Kent area have their basic needs and rights. Rather than viewing her refugee background as a hindrance, she believes it gives her a unique perspective of the world and allows her to have the ability to communicate and connect with countless individuals from around the world. For example, since she came here as a refugee she worked with a lot of refugee students and helped them adapt to this country with no English and no educational experiences without losing their culture. They made programs to make donations to charities to help people back home and by doing that they accomplished a lot of working skills, public speaking skills, experience in being a leader and active member of her own community, working together as a group and helping each other as we strive to achieve our goals in leaving this world better than we entered it. And that’s why she chose as her platform ending hunger, because she knows it is something she is passionate about no matter what the outcome of the pageant will be. And remember that one can bring up or come up with the idea, or a way to change something or, to solve a problem but we are all in this together and unity is needed to solve this major problem. Becoming Miss Africa Wa State will really help her promote my platform and achieve her goals against this specific problem, also bringing her community closer, but she’ll never give up on this platform no matter what the results will be. So, join her on her journey as she continues fighting against hunger and finding solution for this world issue.