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Santana Wangui Cubi

Santana Wangui Cubi is a Kenyan girl born and raised in Kenya and relocated permanently to America at the age of fifteen. I am in my third year in college studying Physical Therapy. When am not in school I am at church teaching Sunday school kids or working as an intern for Physical Therapy in small facilities or passionately working hand in hand with Men Impact Change organization to help impact young men in my community. This organization is a unique, dynamic and multicultural organization founded in 2014. Its mission is to honor and celebrate great men impacting desirable change in the community and getting those men to engage and mentor the boy child. As a young girl I grew up in an environment with more boys than girls and seeing what mentorship did to the girls, me included, and how far I am yet we are agemates I became challenged. Many organizations are focusing on women, offering training programs or networking groups specifically for them. But forgot the boy child in our community, because of lack of positive mentorship and guidance we have seen some of our young men making troubling choices. Like high proliferation of gangs and high rates of violence. I as a volunteer and secretary of M.I.C Seattle will make sure M.I.C mentorship program will match up the boys to mentors to ensure they have guidance as they develop into men and leaders of the next generation. I want to impact my community in Seattle and also in Kenya and educate on the importance of Positive Masculinity which provides a decision-making framework. This framework assists men to be more aware of their own behavior and how it interacts with the culture they are part of.

On July 14th we had our first out of state M.I.C event held in my community in Seattle, we had impact decoded where we interview successful men in the community. The goal is to get their stories aired in the hope of inspiring, empowering and transforming the lives of young men. We also had an Impact Change Ceremony the mission is to identify Men Impacting Change in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Education and in Philanthropy. Our goal is to have these men act as role models to boys and young men affected by gun violence, and those without father figures. We also offered workshops like Stress and Anger Management, Advocacy of Positive Masculinity, Financial literacy where men got to talk amongst each other with the mentors on how to find solutions to this problem. I intend to use my Miss Africa WA State pageant platform to be an ambassador of this great cause in mentoring young Men. Fredrick Douglas said “It is easier to build a strong boy than to repair a broken man.”