The Founder


Zeynab Koroma also known as Lady Z came to the U.S in 2011 with nothing but a dream and aspiration of how to better her life and those she left behind in Senegal and in Sierra Leone.

Lady Z is currently a student majoring in Nursing and Public Health.

She has been in the pageant world since the age of 16 in Senegal. In 2012 for the first time she became the first Miss Senegal Washington State. She went on to proudly represent her country at the Northwest African Queen that very year, then at the Miss Africa USA in August 2015 and at the Miss United Nations in 2016. Zeynab, she is an activist and a humanitarian. She is an immigrant,  a volunteer, a student, teacher, and a nurse.


 As an immigrant she has developed a greater understanding and acceptance of other cultures. As a volunteer for over 15 different organizations, she has learned what hard work really is and have gained a greater appreciation for the struggles that others endure. As a student, she has learned that she has much more to learn. The satisfaction of seeing others grow and benefit from her effort is one of the greatest satisfactions she could only get as a teacher. As a nurse, she has helped those with various injuries and illnesses who couldn’t care for themselves in a role she finds most satisfying of all.

She serve many non-profit organizations and foundations that benefit children and women’s services and provide awareness for important issues like FGM. Likewise, she has initiated, coordinated, and led the discussion of several speaking engagements on important social issues.

As the founder of the Miss Africa Washington State, her goal is to give

a platform for young African girls from across the State to pursue their dreams and raise awareness for important social and political issues. For her, this affords her an opportunity to be a voice for the voiceless on the topic on Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM.

Raised in Senegal, a country rich in heritage and tradition, Zeynab embodies the real strong and savy senegalese young lady. Tragically, like so many other countries in the world, Senegal still carries on outdated traditions that continue to harm our children.

She was ten years old when she was subjected to the unimaginable, forced Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM. FGM is not only a socially accepted practice in Senegal, it is an encouraged as a means to insure women maintain their honor. She was a victim of both physical and emotional scarring that left an indelible impression on her. As a child, she was helpless. Now she has grown into a strong, confident woman, who has vowed to make a difference and use her voice in an international movement to end FMG through a pageant competition. 

As a pageant lady she will use this experience in working with others to collaborate with existing international organizations to abolish FGM. She  will take advantage of every opportunity and venue to educate the public, create local workshops, speak of the dangers of FGM and other african social issues such as, child abuse, domestic violence, HIV/AIDS..etc. In addition to that she will help pave a better way for a new generation of african women here in Washington State and in Africa.

Lady Z  has proven to go above and beyond to achieve her personal and professional goals. Zeynab is creating a blueprint that will proclaim her ability to lead, inspire and uplift African women for years to come. She has always push past her comfort zones to get things done because she beleives in hard work and determination