My name is Dorcas Karehu, I was born in Murang’a County in the central part of Kenya. I was raised in Kenya and also acquired my early education there. I later moved to The United States of America (Washington State) currently pursuing an Associate Degree in Nursing at The Green River Collage. I am also a co-finder of Anchor Radio known as Avozu Talk Show.

I have lived to love my beautiful African communities; their culture and pride they have for humanity. I show concern for the welfare of other people expressed through the acts of generosity and kindness. I believe that the prediction of my success is a consequence where everyone has a dept to pay.

My vision is to make my country a more kind and gentle place for people to express themselves.

My platform is speaking up about Depression. This is a feeling of severe despondency and dejection. It can also be termed as hopelessness or despair. Depression has caused many problem, death, low self-esteem and violence among many people and even countries. I believe it’s among the leading causes of suicidal thoughts among many young generations.

 My passion is to be a volunteer in helping people with such situation. My regards through this pageant will make my dream come true.

Finishing the projects in timely manner and learning how to manage time better will enhance reward of success and to educate many people in the country.

My main goal is to save many lives by creating awareness for people to express and talk, share their stories. This will bring hope and act of renewal as they will feel that they are not alone and that depression is not something to be ashamed of.