I am Aisha Ali from East Africa, representing Miss Eritrea, specifically the Beni- Amir ethnic group.  The Beni Amir are a nomadic tribe alongside the Red Sea from lower Egypt, Sudan, and Eritrea.  

After leaving the Red Sea and coming to America, I grew and adapted to my environment. Being multicultural, I embraced a wide variety of cultures and community initiatives. I have dedicated most of my life in philanthropy, humanitarian work, community outreach, and political lobbying. I am the founder of a successful 15-year annual fundraiser Jalsla Night, where proceeds go to the countries most in need globally each year.

Today, I am bringing awareness for women who have gone through female circumcision, FGM/ FGC (female genital mutilation / female genital cutting) to be the voice and raise the question “Where are they now?” Empowerment of FGM/ FGC victims through self love. 

While there are activists, community leaders, educators, healthcare providers, as well as law and policy makers working together to end FGM, I am here, having overcome this trauma myself, to advocate and bring awareness and practical solutions on health, and women’s sexual empowerment. 

FGM affects about 129 million girls and women world-wide. It is my vision to create a community, first locally and then globally, where women who have experienced FGM can feel whole again, as complete human beings. I have already started to do the leg work and outreach with women in the community, public health and NGO board members, as well as medical professionals (some who can provide reconstructive surgery). Together, we can BREAK AND HEAL this tradition that has been practiced for many years in many religious communities. 

By winning the Miss Africa Washington State beauty pageant, I will continue to empower communities locally and around the globe effected by FGM.