Hello, everyone.

  My name is Alshaday Teka, I am from Ethiopia, I was born in Addis Ababa and raised in Tigray. Ethiopia has nine national regional states.  Tigray region is one of them and its located northern Ethiopia. Tigray has more than 3.2 million population. I grew up with the tradition and culture of Tigray. I grew up in a community that taught me how to be kind, respectful and helpful to people who are in need.

   I finished my high school there and went to university, but I didn’t stay longer because I got my diversity visa to come here. It was a big opportunity for me to get this chance. Currently pursuing an associate degree in nursing at Renton technical college. The Miss Africa Washington State platform is another way for me to help my country by creating awareness of the importance of child education.

    My vision and dream are to send every child to school and have a more educated and creative generation in our country. I chose this platform because I grew up in a small town in Tigray and I saw a lot of my classmates and other students not coming to school because they don’t have a uniform, notebook, pen, and pencil. Still, now we haven’t solved this problem and many students are dropping out of school because their family can not afford school fees. Parents would send their children to work in the farms or in the capital instead of sending them to school.

My vision is to be able to help keep these children in school by paying for their school fees; just one child at a time.

 Winning this pageant is one of my biggest chance to make this dream come true. Nelson Mandela said, “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Thank you!