My name is Nellie, I am 19 years of age. I was born in Lilongwe a town in Malawi; I was half raised there before I moved to the USA(Washington). I describe myself as the girl with multiple personalities which include openness, helper, achiever and thinker. I believe in hard work more than anything else because success in life only comes when you refuse to give up which includes hard work. 

 I am a full-time student at North Seattle college recently finishing my associates in Math and Science with the goal of becoming a doctor. My career goal is motivated with my passion in helping others, I find comfort in looking out for other people because I know there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. My fondness for pageant emerged when I won a high school pageant put together to fight for girls’ rights, since then I became interested in pageant, and also girls right.

 My platform is child marriage and empowerment, I want to help girls stand up for their right and protect themselves from forced and early marriage. My long-term goal is to start an organization that will let young girls facing these kinds of challenges meet and discuss their problems with their fellow victims and advisers. I want to provide a shell for girls that have nowhere to turn to, I want my organization to be their source of hope. Growing up in Africa, I saw a lot of girls dropping out of school because they are forced to get married against their will. And knowing that the miss Africa washing focuses mostly on girl I decided to join knowing it would benefit me in helping me provide a shed for these winning Miss Africa Washington will be my dream come true knowing I’ll not only be making myself happy but restoring the happiness of those girls whose voices and happiness is being held by cultures and customs. I know that young girls need to be surrounded and supported by positive role models in the spotlight to be motivated, and I am trying to be that role model for the young girls and help their voices be heard.