My name is Angela Ngiangi Diansasila, born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I’m 22 years old, graduated in Political Science, and I’m currently working on my bachelor’s in accounting at the University of Washington. I’m also the secretary of Afropedia an organization run by immigrant from all parts of Africa, and our goal is to help our brothers and sisters have an easy path while attending school here in the United States. I’m also a financial advisor and a volunteer at a local food bank that feeds hundreds of people in our community. Recently, I also created my own business (wonda),which’s sole purpose is to help African entrepreneurs sell their products and services on my website, which also allows to network and get to know each other. Representing my country is something I do daily, and I would like to thank the organizer of this platform for giving this amazing opportunity to make a difference.

I strongly believe that the way we portray ourselves in public says a lot about where we come from, as well as the education received. I thank the lord for giving me a heart that cares about others. At the age of 21, I successfully earned an associate degree in Political Science, because I wanted to be able to know and understand the rules in order to influence them, and running for Miss Africa Beauty pageant  is giving me the platform I need and the push to accomplish my goals.

Ending homelessness is an issue I have been focusing on for many years now, because from a young age I have always believed that having a roof over our heads should be our right and not a privilege. I come form a country that has being politically instable for many years, and the rate of poverty and unemployment is out of control. To this generation: It is time that we take matters into our own hands and fight homelessness together.

 Living in the United State of America has opened up so many doors and given me opportunities to help those in needs. I intend to not just help homeless people, but also ban it all together by:

  • Helping people with small businesses growth their market share by allowing them to sell their products and/or services through my website:
  • Financially advising people on how to manage their assets in order to never run out of resources, by helping them pay their debt quickly and also by educating them about the importance of investing and having insurance. And I will be doing it for free with the help of a company called Primerica.
  • Finally, with the help of God and my supporters, I will help homeless people and end homelessness in Congo by doing donations and also I will pair up with Build the Resilience in Congo (an organization), and help them find homes for former child soldiers.  

To conclude, once again I thank everyone who contributed to give me this opportunity, and the push I needed to work on something that I have always been so passionate about, and also the chance to proudly represent my country.