As a reigning queen and a goodwill ambassador to our community, she is doing great in making sure she fulfills her duty as a queen. According to Queen Andile, “Growing up I have come to learn that not everyone has bread and butter like most of us do.
As I was doing my research I learnt that; the number of poor people in the suburbs increased by 80 percent between 2000 and 2011 — with much of that growth concentrated in the cities south of Seattle.
The rate outpaced the nation’s and ranked the Puget Sound region as the 23rd fastest growing for suburban poverty among the largest 100 metro areas. Why should someone else go bed on an empty stomach if you and I have a little more than we need.
May our hearts not only give when we can get something back but even when there’s no hope of ever getting a ‘thank you back’.
Because of all this, I made a decision to be the change I am looking for 👑MissAfricaWashingtonState2016 👑 AndileMpofu blessedtobless #searchyourheart❤ #givingisjoy”