Our contestants had the honor to be interviewed by Queen Melissa Littleton at the Rainier Avenue Radio Station. As an organization, we are very thankful to have been giving such an amazing platform for our contestants to talk about their humanitarian platforms and to share some key points on our upcoming coronation ceremony, on September 9th at the Red Lion Hotel of Bellevue. This interview was made possible, thanks to the founder and Manager of the Radio station Mr. Tony Benton, to queen Melissa the host, to Lucious Tenebris, the IT Coordinator and finally to our wonderful brother, Kongo Bamanayi. Thanks, Brother Kongo for reaching out and for facilitating such an amazing opportunity for us. The radio station, “is an independent media resource that provides opportunities for the communities of Rainier Valley to engage with critical issues, compelling stories, and quality entertainment.” Please kindly look them up online at https://www.rainieravenueradio.world/