At a young age I knew I wanted to impact lives especially those who have walked the same path as I, at the age of 23 I have come a long way, there is life after trauma I’ve turned all my pain, heartache and hardships into strength, the internal strength to recover and recuperate, the outcast has made me a fighter. My story is like no other and that is what makes it special and unique, but what is a story if you can’t tell it? For so many years I’ve been close off, Almost a year ago I Participated in the miss Africa Washington state pageant to tell it all I gain courage not only to tell my story but to also shine light on a matter that means so much to me, the Journey didn’t end there I believe it was a start to greatness, I truly believe I have found my purpose in life and With that being said,
After months of hard work and dedication and emotions off camera, I am thrilled to finally announce the launch of my nonprofit organization, Smile 4 Africa Foundation, where every child is deserving of a smile. We are dedicated to improving the lives of those born with a birth defect, our mission is to raise awareness on the impact of Cleft lip and palate in hopes to remove any barriers to achieve their fullest potentials. Below is the link to our site please feel free to visit us and leave any comments or feedback all is greatly appreciated.
To those who also play a role in my life thank you all so much for your tremendous support, your words of encouragement it doesn’t go unnoticed. Stay tuned for updates by following us on all social media platforms, once again thank you.