Ruth Jemie Kamara

Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am Ruth Jemie Kamara from the blissful country Sierra Leone west Africa. Also known as lion mountains, a major producer of gold. I am a unique diamond representing the face of pregnant teenagers of the republic of sierra Leone. I am the youngest of seven siblings, my Mom is a teacher/business woman and Dad is a cornel in the military.I am currently pursuing an associate degree at highline community college hoping to get a bachelors in nursing (BSN). I am a caregiver working at a nursing home. Being a caregiver for the past three years has been the best experiences of my life, Because, it makes me to be empathetic,patience,compassionate, trustworthy, attentive and dependable. These are the qualities that I have, all because of my job and these qualities have made me to come to love my job and be happy with what I do. I am a activist and a humanitarian that have engaged in a lot of community services over the years. My hobbies are watching medical shows, reading history books,cooking, dancing, volunteering with any community activity, and working. I am delighted to be part of this life changing experience, being the voice of the voiceless and helping bring change for the eradication of teenage pregnancy and allowing them to get an education and brighten their future. Also to be among beauty queens who are going to inspire the world and impact different countries I thank you.